Our Services

Lung Nodules

From navigational bronchoscopy to trans thoracic or open lung biopsy. We diagnose and treat lung nodules


We treat patients with skin cancers including basal, squamous cell cancers and melanomas.


We menage breast disease performing surgery for breast cancer and benign disease. We do stereotactic and excisional biopsies


We diagnose, operate, cure and monitor many thyroid and parathyroid nodules and tumors.


We provide full endoscopy service including screening and therapeutic colonoscopy, EGD, bronchoscopy as well as mediastinoscopy.

Colon and Rectal Surgery

We have been treating patients with colon polyps, hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas. We treat abscesses. We also treat colon and rectal cancer.

Gallbladder surgery

We treat every gallbladder problem including gallstones, infection, inflammation and lack of the function of the gallbladder. Surgery is predominantly laparoscopic and outpatient.

Hernia Surgery

We fix all types of hernias within the groin and abdominal wall. We do this both open and laparoscopic way depending on patients needs.

Meet Our Team

Christy Office Manager
Christy Office Manager 16 years Medical Experience. Joined WS in 2013 as Biller/CPC, become Office Manager in 2016 View Profile
Clinical nurse Denise Clinical Nurse
Denise Clinical Nurse Denise has joined WS in 1997. She has 23 years of nursing experience View Profile
Shanda Billing Manager/CPC
Shanda Billing Manager/CPC Shanda has joined our team in 2017. She has been working with Christy on business aspects of our practice. View Profile
Alisha Clinical Nurse
Alisha Clinical Nurse Alisha has joined Winchester Surgeons in 2018. She has over 10 years nursing experience View Profile
Ami Medical Assistant
Ami Medical Assistant Ami has joined us in 2020. She is helping Denise and Alisha in our every day clinical tasks. View Profile
Malia Office Receptionist
Malia Office Receptionist Malia has been our Office Receptionist since 2019 View Profile
Terri Office Receptionist
Terri Office Receptionist Terri has joined WS in 2020 with 11 years Medical Office experience. View Profile