Lung Nodule Clinic

From the left: Dr. Wasson, Dr.Szewczyk, Dr.Hernandez, Erica Edwards FNP

The members of our Lung Nodule Clinic (LNC) work together to ensure that patients receive quick access to high quality care.  With this team and our advanced diagnostic procedures we have the potential to help save lives by detecting lung cancer earlier.

The Lung Nodule Clinic provides innovative pulmonary programs that utilize a multi-disciplinary team approach with emphasis on patient-centered care.  The clinic aims toward the early detection and treatment of lung nodules by reducing delays in the evaluation and treatment of patients.  We initiate standardized follow-up and treatment pathways specific to the current disease process of each patient using an integrative approach and helping to navigate patients through the continuum of care.

The new advanced diagnostic technology is a navigational bronchoscopy and biopsy system that uses electromagnetic field instead of traditional radiation (CT, X-RAY).  A bronchoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure where a flexible fiber optic tube is used to see and biopsy the inside of the lung.  Navigational bronchoscopy provides a virtual, three-dimensional map of the lung, enabling the doctors to perform a precise biopsy and mark the area to be easily visible during surgical removal of the lesion (nodule).  With traditional bronchoscopy, only 65% of the lesions could be biopsied.  Utilizing the navigational approach, almost 90% of them can be reached.

If you have any questions, please call The Lung Nodule Clinic at 931-962-9861.